Bonding with your baby (free of charge)

  • Duur: 2 hours

Did you know you can make contact with the baby in your tummy before birth? And your baby can already see, hear, feel and taste? Being born is a big change for you and your baby.

During ‘Bonding with your baby’* you will learn how to help your baby get used to life outside of the belly and how to show he is hungry, tired or wants to be with you for a while. You can see what a baby’s day looks like when it is a few days old, a few weeks and a few months. Having a child is also a big change for yourself. Suddenly you are a parent. How do you take good care of your baby, but also yourself and your relationship? That is the purpose of this meeting.

Information and film footage alternate and there is room for your questions.

*This workshop is the English version of ‘Contact met je baby’



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